About Us

We are a start-up passionate about partnering with enterprises in the journey of making potential possible. Our products and services are built with a nuanced understanding that each enterprise is unique and has a cultural and leadership DNA that is best exemplified in day-to-day actions and everyday moments. We ensure that you are enabled with the best that people sciences and technologies have to offer. Our products and services do not require you to make any changes to your natural ways of working. We input best in class science and technology, ensconced in our services and products. Our products seamlessly wrap around your processes and culture anchoring and supporting you all the way to success.


Reimagining emergent Science and Technologies to power exciting growth for enterprises


We are a team of OD and HR professionals, alumni of IIT, XLRI, SCMHRD, ISABS and TISS with a nuanced understanding of Organisation Cultures, Leadership and High performing teams leveraging relevant people sciences and technologies.
At the core of our team is an intent of exemplifying Organisational DNA – the moment-to-moment manifestation of Culture, Leadership, Strategy and Goal pursuit in everyday actions by all members of an enterprise.
The team understands the nuances of human beings working in groups and our products and services are built to recreate a near natural substitute of the workplace without the uncertainty of interrupted leadership, the overcompensation of micromanagement, depleted team engagement and the helplessness of technological dependence.

Our endeavour is to reclaim the true joie de vivre of workplaces!


We started our journey aligning day to day actions to Organisation Vision, Culture and Strategy for NGOs based out of the world’s largest slum agglomeration – Dharavi, Mumbai. Working with the lesser privileged and making a change to their effectiveness gave us tremendous confidence and joy.

Those fulfilling experiences awakened us to our calling in life.We expanded our activity to Small Businesses and Corporate Enterprises. Some engagements were ProBono while many were Paid POCs. We were fortunate to work with a wide range of organisations across many sectors. From Indian organisations to MNC high tech firms. The demanding expectations of these enterprises helped us sharpen our offerings and services.

The pandemic brought our work to a standstill. We utilised the opportunity to considerably alter the back-end technologies and incorporate newer processes to address the new realities of a pandemic impacted world. Our product was developed to be a multipurpose platform for a range of end applications.

Today we feel proud that we can meaningfully support your organisation reclaim the joie de vivre of your workplaces while maximising productivity, performance and profitability.